Door communication essentially provides facility to interact with the visitor standing at the main door or main gate, without member travelling all the way to the gate. It also brings a sense of security since you know who to allow and disallow based on prior communication. The intercom system assists you to see the visitor and talk to the person before allowing him/ her to your premises. The video feeds can be streamed to a standalone screen, remote control and even your smartphone, while you are away from the house. Further, Door control assists you to open the motorized sliding gate, or your main door digital lock from the visitor intercom system or smartphone application. Door communication and control is fully used in residential and commercial establishments. We can integrate this by using fingerpring, RFID or any biometric digital locks. Open and close the door with just a tap on your mobile phone from wherever you are; office, car or movie theatre, no more hassles of giving keys to your maid or worrying about your children losing it.

A crucial pain area, highlighted by our clients, is of the secondary entry/ exit points in the house like kitchen backyard, balcony doors, terrace entry, etc. For all these gates, we suggest to use feedback driven drop-bolt locks which can be engaged or disengaged based on user requirement and command and further, also provide a real-time feedback on the smartphone application if the door has been securely locked or not.