An Entertainment system is an area where our clients expect us to offer them the entire spectrum of options. We can offer systems to satisfy the fancy of our customers to splurge on the best products and satiate the need of an audiophile to soothe his auditory senses. We take into account every aspect of the design and guide you through the whole process.

Music has the ability to heal and de-stress. However it has become very cumbersome to access the music we love and play to the desired system. Thats where we introduce the concept of MULTI-ROOM or MULTI-ZONE Audio streaming. We design system to stream your favourite track or playlist or FM station or your smartphone collection to any room in the house or any zone. Members in the family can access their own collection in their private space and the resource shared among all on the local network and therefore no duplication of storage and resources thereby saving on the hardware cost of music sources and storage. The biggest advantage is the ease of browsing and playing what you love at the flick of your finger. You can also create schedule to wake up to the soothing religious tune and call your day off with your favourite soundtrack, in the comfort of your bed or surrounding of your garden.


Extending this further to your MOVIE COLLECTION, we can provide you with control of your entire movie collection which can be streamed to any Television of your house at the touch of a button.

The arena of home theatres has been difficult to understand for most of our clients, with multiple components and their army of remote controls, hundreds of industry standards and ever changing technology. Home theatre determines your passion for the perfect audio complemented with the interior design and the crisp display projection. Every room feels like centre stage with innovation, custom design, experience, and calibration. Just imagine your room, system creating that perfect setting for you, switching on the projector and lowering the screen, your lights go dim and pathways illuminate, AC switched on adjusted at your desired temperature, drapes lowering down to isolate you from the environment, equipments tuned in to the right input and your favourite movie from the genre based on your mood, READY TO PLAY...

Our solution will make your home theatre your favourite place to be, by bringing a new level of effortless entertainment comfort, convenience and peace of mind.