Harsh Mehta, the Managing Partner at Future Automation Solutions, is a native of Bhavnagar, and graduated from Nirma University as Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication. After a couple of corporate roles at Tata Teleservices and Tata Motors, he came back to Nirma once again to pursue his post-graduation from Institute of Management, Nirma University in 2011. After a short stint at Infosys Hyderabad, Harsh came back to Gujarat to follow the Gujarati dream of an enterprise.

He got himself trained and certified for one of the world’s most acclaimed and widely adopted technology for Building Automation systems known as KNX. Shortly after that, FUTURE AUTOAMTION SOLUTIONS came into existence. Along with KNX certification, FAS was offered to partner reputed German companies like Berker, Hager and Schneider-Electric to develop solutions and offer integrated services to the market. Having developed expertise in Lighting Control solutions early on, FAS gradually widened their service base to several other solutions. During this journey, FAS partnered with few world class companies as their business channel partner like RTI, Elan, Yamaha, KEF, Matrix, Panasonic, Epson, DSC, GVS, etc.


Till date, FAS has successfully commissioned over 125 projects across the broad spectrum of solutions and covering the geography of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra, and, the quality of their solutions and execution capability is evident from the fact that they do not have a single AMC on board, and their systems do not demand any. Today, FAS is a respected name in the industry of Home and Building Automation systems in Gujarat and they are the preferred vendors for one-stop solutions for majority of home technology requirements. They are currently working with few reputed developers as well, for Multi-Apartment Automation solutions as part of the standard developer offering and target to establish a strong foothold over this market in time to come, by means of innovative low cost solutions and economies of scale.

USP of FAS is the technology they have worked on, which is truly open and acclaimed worldwide, their team of experienced programmers and installers, and their integrity to design solutions which are client-centric and budget-friendly, their incredible after-sales support, state-of-art experience centre and approach to conserve energy as a byproduct of their solutions.

The company shares its ideology in simple words: “Automation is not indulgence, it is the future of our existence – Smarter, Sustainable and more responsible…”