Corporate Solutions

We offer an array of solutions because we understand that nobody needs everything, but everybody needs something. And our job is to fulfill that something.

Conference Rooms

Our goal is to create a unified communication where both in-person and remote participants can engage effectively and contribute to discussions. Conference room solutions include audio-visual equipment, video conferencing systems, and collaboration tools. This setups typically include displays, cameras, microphones, and interactive TVs, supported by reliable internet connectivity and user-friendly interfaces.

Board Rooms

Our board rooms are equipped with sophisticated audio-visual technology including high-resolution displays, advanced video conferencing systems with HD cameras and microphones for clear communication, and intuitive control interfaces.

Meeting Rooms

These setups often include displays, cameras, microphones, and intuitive control interfaces, creating a productive environment for both in-person and remote participants. Our aim is to facilitate seamless interactions and efficient meetings.

Integrated Automation Solutions

Now connect smart technologies like lighting, HVAC, and security into a single, manageable network enhancing convenience, improve energy efficiency, and boost home security, offering a seamless living experience.

Security and Surveillance

Our primary focus is to ensure continuous surveillance, deter unauthorized access, and maintain a safe and secure environment in the corporate offices. Security and surveillance systems prominently feature high-definition cameras strategically placed to monitor key areas. While including provide real-time video feeds, support remote monitoring, and offer advanced features like motion detection and video analytics.

Access Control and Attendance

The access control and attendance systems often include facial recognition, biometric scanners, and key cards to regulate entry. These systems ensure only authorized personnel can access specific areas and automatically log attendance data. Integrated with security cameras and automation, they enhance overall security and streamline employee attendance tracking, contributing to a secure and efficient workplace environment.

Digital Signage

Digital signage in corporate offices utilizes electronic displays, such as LED screens, to present dynamic content. This can include company announcements, real-time data, event schedules, and news. Digital signage enhances communication, engages employees, and can also serve as an interactive tool for visitors, improving overall information dissemination and the workplace experience.

PA Solutions

Public announcements systems in corporate offices are designed to facilitate clear communication across large areas. These systems typically include microphones, amplifiers, and speakers strategically placed throughout the office enabling real-time announcements and emergency notifications.

Wi-Fi and Networking

Routers and access points are commonly used to provide Wi-Fi coverage in all the areas. These devices can be configured to control access to the network and manage network traffic.

Sensor Based Lighting

Motion based sensors are used to automatically control lights. These devices detect movement or presence of people, turning lights on when the space is occupied or vacant. One can also set schedule to turn off the lights when motion is not detected after a certain interval of time, enhancing the energy efficiency reducing utility cost.

IP Intercom Systems

These systems include intercom stations with microphones, speakers, and video cameras, allowing for voice and video communication. These leverage internet protocol (IP) networks to facilitate clear, two-way communication across different locations within the building.

Large Screen Active LED Walls

These LED walls are ideal for presentations and video conferences due to their bright, clear visuals and seamless scalability to fit different sizes and spaces. They enhance engagement and communication in meetings, support dynamic content display, and create impactful visual experiences for both employees and visitors.