Institutional Solutions

We offer an array of solutions because we understand that nobody needs everything, but everybody needs something. And our job is to fulfill that something.

Smart Virtual Classroom Solutions

Smart virtual classroom solutions utilize technologies like video conferencing, AI, and digital collaboration tools to create interactive and flexible learning environments. These platforms offer real-time feedback, virtual whiteboards, and cloud-based resource sharing, enhancing accessibility and engagement. By catering to diverse learning styles and providing personalized support, they transform traditional education into a dynamic online experience.

E Podium

We provide advanced e-podium solutions featuring high-resolution touch screens, robust internet connectivity, and integrated audio-visual equipment. These tools support various digital content formats, enabling dynamic and interactive lessons. Designed for ease of use, our e-podiums enhance engagement and streamline teaching in modern educational environments.

Interactive Panels

Interactive panels are advanced display systems equipped with touch-sensitive screens that enable users to interact directly with digital content. These panels support multi-touch gestures, allowing for intuitive navigation, annotation, and collaboration. They are widely used in classrooms, boardrooms, and training facilities to facilitate engaging presentations, interactive lessons, and effective teamwork.


Future Automation Solutions specializes in comprehensive auditorium solutions that encompass lighting, air conditioning, speaker integration. Our integrated solutions ensure seamless operation and management of these critical elements, enhancing the audience experience and optimizing energy efficiency. From dynamic lighting setups to synchronized audio systems, our automation solutions are designed to provide intuitive control and precision, tailored to the unique requirements of modern auditoriums.


The solutions includes outdoor acoustics which consists of water proof and weather proof speakers, projectors, projector screens focusing on enhancing outdoor performance spaces through strategic design and technology. These venues often integrate lighting solutions for evening events and may include digital technologies for enhanced audio-visual experiences, making them suitable for a variety of performances and gatherings.

Public Announcements

We design the public announcement systems to facilitate clear communication across large areas. These systems typically include microphones, amplifiers, and speakers strategically placed throughout the areas. These systems are designed to meet the specific needs of educational institutions, enabling real-time announcements and notifications, efficiently within these environments.

Digital Signage

The digital signage solutions comprises high-definition displays and robust content management for real-time information delivery in institutional settings. Ideal for educational environments, they effectively convey announcements, schedules, and emergency alerts.

IOT Timers and Sensors

We leverage IOT timers and sensors by enabling precise scheduling and real-time monitoring. This will allow for efficient control of systems like lighting, HVAC, and security, leading to optimized energy use, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved user experiences.

Energy Management Systems

By integrating hardware, software, and communication networks, EMS enable real-time monitoring of energy usage patterns, allowing for informed decision-making to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and minimize environmental impact.

Integrated Automation Solutions

Now connect smart technologies like lighting, HVAC, and security into a single, manageable network enhancing convenience, improve energy efficiency, and boost home security, offering a seamless living experience.

Sensor Based Lighting

We have pioneered the application of sensors to control lighting, AC and other functions without manual intervention. We work with the best companies that have invented the sensor technology and gifted it to the world like Marten, Steinel, etc.

HVAC Control

Smart HVAC control application replaces the old infrared remote from your air conditioner. Our system is compatible with almost every brand of AC. With the help of our technology you can operate your air conditioner through your mobile phone from anywhere.