Luxury Residential Solutions

We offer an array of solutions because we understand that nobody needs everything, but everybody needs something. And our job is to fulfill that something.

Integrated Automation Solutions

Now connect smart technologies like lighting, HVAC, and security into a single, manageable network enhancing convenience, improve energy efficiency, and boost home security, offering a seamless living experience.

Curtain and Blinds

Life is so much simpler when you just need to press one button on our customized application; you have the full comfort of remote control no need to walk round the whole house. Your entire shutter is controlled from the same point would mean a truly connected home.

Wifi & Networking Solutions

Routers and access points are commonly used to provide Wi-Fi coverage in all the areas. These devices can be configured to control access to the network and manage network traffic.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Home intrusion alarm systems offer peace of mind by safeguarding property and ensuring the safety of residents. These systems usually comprise door and window sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors including smart home integration, and control via smartphones. When a potential intrusion is detected, the system can trigger alarms and send notifications.

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance in a smart home integrates advanced security cameras with home automation, enabling real-time monitoring and control via smartphones. These systems include high-definition cameras, motion detectors, and sometimes audio sensors, providing live feeds and alerts. Features like facial recognition, night vision, and integration with other smart devices enhance security, allowing homeowners to monitor and protect their property remotely and effectively.

IP Door Communication Systems

Door communication essentially provides facility to interact with the visitor standing at the main door or main gate, without member travelling all the way to the gate. It also brings a sense of security since you know who to allow and disallow based on prior communication.

Wireless Lighting Control

Wireless lighting control systems enable remote management of home lighting using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, via smartphones, tablets, or voice commands. This allows users to turn devices on or off, controlling light dimming, and setting schedules, enhancing convenience, energy efficiency, and home automation wirelessly.

Home Entertainment Systems

An Entertainment system is an area where our clients expect us to offer them the entire spectrum of options. We can offer systems to satisfy the fancy of our customers to splurge on the best products and satiate the need of an audiophile to soothe his auditory senses.

Multi-zone Music Distribution

Now listen to uninterrupted music with multi zone music system. This system allows music to be distributed and played in multiple zones or areas within your building or property. This means that different areas can play different music simultaneously or the same music can be played in sync throughout the property. The best part you can also have different volume control for each zone, creating a more personalised experience for you and your partners.

Designer Outdoor Audio

Playing music in outdoors areas such as gardens, patios, and pool areas is now accessible through landscape audio, creating an immersive outdoor audio experience that enhances the environment and adds to the overall ambience. The audio systems can be designed to blend with the outdoor environment and can be installed underground, in trees, or on walls to minimize their visual impact. They can also be weather resistant to withstand exposure to rain, sun and other outdoor element.

Smart Locking Solutions

A high-tech device that allows you to lock and unlock doors remotely or automatically. It is controlled using a smartphone, tablet or computer and can be integrated with a home automation system. Smart locks offer a variety of features such as scheduling access, temporary access, and the ability to monitor who enters your home. They can also be used with a keypad, a fingerprint scanner, or a combination of these features for added security.

Motorised Gate / Retractable Roof

A motorized gate provides automated access control, enhancing security and convenience by allowing users to open and close the gate using remote controls or smart devices. Retractable roof offers flexibility in outdoor spaces, allowing users to open or close the roof for weather protection or sunlight with the push of a button.

Sensor-Based Lighting

At FAS, we have pioneered the application of sensors to control lighting and other functions without manual intervention. We work with the best companies that have invented the sensor technology and gifted it to the world like Hager, Marten, Steinel, etc.

TV mechanism

A TV lift is a motorized mechanism, hidden within furniture or cabinetry, allows users to raise or lower the TV, keeping it out of sight when not in use. It is a discreet and space-saving solution for integrating televisions into living spaces, seamlessly blending technology with interior design.

Mirror TV

These innovative devices offers a reflective surface that transforms to a high definition display when turned on providing entertainment, with aesthetic appeal of a mirror when turned off. Mirror TVs are popular in spaces where a traditional TV might disrupt the decor, such as living rooms, bedrooms, or bathrooms.

Kitchen Mechanism

This can include pull-out shelves, lift-up cabinet doors, rotating corner units, or soft-close drawers. These mechanisms aim to optimize storage, accessibility, and efficiency in the kitchen, making it easier for users to organize ingredients, utensils, and appliances.

Active LED Walls

Active LED walls are advanced display systems employing LED technology to create dynamic visual experiences. These walls consist of panels seamlessly integrated to form large screens, offering superior brightness and versatility for applications in advertising, entertainment, and digital art.

Pixel Lighting

Along with the dynamic and customizable lighting effects, with pixel lighting, user can control each LED individually. With Pixel lighting, create vibrant patterns, animations, and colour changes, thereby enhancing the home décor and ambiance with creative lighting solutions.

Bar Mechanism

We offer a customised exclusive furniture range with built-in storage and lighting for hidden bars. Bar mechanisms allows the user a smooth operation of home bars, such as pull-out shelves, rotating liquor cabinets, and pop-up or fold-out countertops.


An irrigation controller is essentially a clock that tells your sprinkler system when to turn on and how long the water should remain on before the system shuts down. It can be used in any setting that calls for an irrigation or sprinkler system, which can include residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Siri, Alexa Integration

Voice control technology has many advantages, including hands-free operation, improved accessibility for people that increase convenience. Also known as voice recognition or voice command, it is a technology that allows users to interact with electronic devices using spoken commands. The technology works by converting spoken words into digital signals that can be interpreted by the device.

Work from home Solutions

We provide a range of technologies and setups designed to facilitate productivity and comfort in a home environment. These include high-speed internet connections, video conferencing tools, interactive TVs, high end speakers and much more into a single, streamlined interface. It enables individuals to communicate and collaborate seamlessly across different channels, including voice, video, email, instant messaging, and social media.

Access Control Solutions

Now manage and restrict entry to a specific room or your building using various access control methods like biometric readers, RFID, keypads or mobile credentials. These systems enhance security by allowing only the authorised person to enter while preventing unauthorised access, thus preventing assets, information, and ensuring safety within premises.

Scenting Solutions

Scenting solutions use diffusers to spread pleasant fragrances throughout spaces, enhancing ambiance and creating a more inviting atmosphere. When integrated under automation, it can be utilised for improving comfort and customer experience through customizable scent options.