Multi-dwelling Solutions

We offer an array of solutions because we understand that nobody needs everything, but everybody needs something. And our job is to fulfill that something.

Integrated Automation Solutions

Now connect smart technologies like lighting, HVAC, and security into a single, manageable network enhancing convenience, improve energy efficiency, and boost home security, offering a seamless living experience.

Play Areas

Integrating a vibrant entertainment venue where there are multiple indoor games to play with along with lights, music, HVAC and much more can be such fun. This dynamic space also offers cozy lounges for relaxation where you can relax, arcade games for quick thrills, and a variety of refreshments to keep energy high.

Clubhouse Entertainment Systems

We deliver solutions wherein the entertainment areas for clubhouse include speakers, projectors, projector screen and people can have an immersive multimedia experiences combining video and audio, connecting systems that offers a great experience.

Sensor Based Control Application

At FAS, we have pioneered the application of sensors to control lighting, AC and other functions without manual intervention. We work with the best companies that have invented the sensor technology and gifted it to the world like Hager, Marten, Steinel, etc.

Security & Surveillance

Our primary focus is to ensure continuous surveillance, deter unauthorized access, and maintain a safe and secure environment in the corporate offices. Security and surveillance systems prominently feature high-definition cameras strategically placed to monitor key areas. While including provide real-time video feeds, support remote monitoring, and offer advanced features like motion detection and video analytics.

Wifi & Networking Solutions

Routers and access points are commonly used to provide wifi coverage in homes and businesses. These devices can be configured to control access to the network and manage network traffic.

Landscape Audio

The goal of landscape audio is to create an immersive outdoor audio experience that enhances the environment and adds to the overall ambience. The audio systems can be designed to blend with the outdoor environment and can be installed underground, in trees, or on walls to minimize their visual impact. They can also be weather resistant to withstand exposure to rain, sun and other outdoor element.

IP Door Communication Systems

Door communication essentially provides facility to interact with the visitor standing at the main door or main gate, without member travelling all the way to the gate. It also brings a sense of security since you know who to allow and disallow based on prior communication.


An irrigation controller is essentially a clock that tells your sprinkler system when to turn on and how long the water should remain on before the system shuts down. It can be used in any setting that calls for an irrigation or sprinkler system, which can include residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Public Announcement

We design the public announcement systems to facilitate clear communication across large areas. These systems typically include microphones, amplifiers, and speakers strategically placed throughout the office enabling real-time announcements and emergency notifications.

3 Tier Access Control

The three-tier access control is deployed to manage permissions within organizations. The access control is divided into three levels: user access for regular operations, administrative access for managing users and systems, and executive access for top-level decision-makers. This structured approach ensures that users only have access to the resources necessary for their roles, enhancing security by minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Community Centers

Automation in the community center can manage facility bookings, control access to amenities like gyms or pools, and facilitate registration for programs and events. This integration not only improves efficiency but also allows staff to focus more on engaging with the community and delivering personalized services.