Retail Solutions

We offer an array of solutions because we understand that nobody needs everything, but everybody needs something. And our job is to fulfill that something.

Integrated Automation Solutions

Now connect smart technologies like lighting, HVAC, and security into a single, manageable network enhancing convenience, improve energy efficiency, and boost home security, offering a seamless living experience.

HVAC Control

Smart HVAC control application replaces the old infrared remote from your air conditioner. Our system is compatible with almost every brand of AC. With the help of our technology you can operate your air conditioner through your mobile phone from anywhere.

Sensor Based Lighting

At FAS, we have pioneered the application of sensors to control lighting, AC and other functions without manual intervention. We work with the best companies that have invented the sensor technology and gifted it to the world like Hager, Marten, Steinel, etc.

Intrusion Alarm Systems

These systems typically include sensors placed strategically throughout the area to detect unauthorized entry or movement after hours. When triggered, they activate alarms that can alert security personnel or law enforcement, helping to deter theft and vandalism.


Installation of the surveillance systems provide real-time monitoring and recording capabilities, allowing security personnel to observe potential threats, monitor customer behaviour, and respond promptly to incidents. Modern systems often integrate with surveillance cameras and can be monitored remotely, providing added peace of mind for owners.

Access Controls

Replacing the traditional lock and keys with the fingerprint access, facial recognition, digital door locks enhances the security of the retail outlets. These advanced systems restrict access to sensitive areas such as storerooms or offices based on biometric data, ensuring only authorized personnel can enter.

Scenting Solutions

Scenting solutions use diffusers to spread pleasant fragrances throughout spaces, enhancing ambiance and creating a more inviting atmosphere. When integrated under automation, it can be utilised for improving comfort and customer experience through customizable scent options.

Digital Signage

Digital signage allows retailers to update content in real-time, target specific demographics, and create engaging visual experiences that can increase sales and brand awareness effectively.

Outdoor Active LEDs

These displays are categorised by their ability to showcase vibrant and engaging content such as advertisements, announcements, or even interactive elements like live updates or social media feeds.

Professional Audio Solutions

Professional audio solutions for the features high end speakers with immersive audio experience. We deploy distributed audio systems that offer flexible zone management with centralized control. Integration with smart technology enables personalised audio experiences, optimizing ambiance.

Wifi and Networking

Routers and access points are commonly used to provide wifi coverage in homes and businesses. These devices can be configured to control access to the network and manage network traffic.

IP Intercom Systems

These systems include intercom stations with microphones, speakers, and video cameras, allowing for voice and video communication. These leverage internet protocol (IP) networks to facilitate clear, two-way communication across different locations within the areas.