Why Us

From process oriented operations to in-depth technical knowledge, here are the reasons where we act as a consultant to our clients and not as a vendor, broker or agent to brands.

Great Support

Supporting our existing clients and users has been a cornerstone of our quest for operational excellence. We intend to make sure there is no after-sales support required and we have been successful to a certain extent. It is our mission to develop a dedicated team for online and offline 7-days a week support and automate the process to guarantee 100% timely resolution of complaints we receive with active feedback, tracking and measuring our performance at all stages.

Process Oriented Operations

In our quest to achieve scale and operational excellence, we have built several processes that help us automate certain tasks which needs to be executed at specific time intervals. Such tasks are not just meant for our operations but also for our communications that goes out to our clients and our team members. Welcome onboard process, FAQs, Supervision process, Site Handover Process, Value Added programming process, Purchase management process, Inventory process, etc

Certified and Training In-House Installation team

We have launched several initiatives to provide a constant learning platform to our team members. Quite a few of our programmers and technicians have undergone registered courses from CEDIA, KNX, Control4, etc to make sure they have the right and accurate structured knowledge to conduct their roles with more accuracy and efficiency. We also conduct soft skills training for our team members on topics such as written and oral communication, team work, conflict resolution, customer relationships, etc. to make sure we become better as unit, each passing day.

Finest products in our basket

Ever since our foundation, we believed in investing in solution-based products and building relationships with market leaders to represent them and conduct deployments ensuring little downtime. We have built certain pattern of criterion to onboard a brand or a vendor which further ensures us of their support, price validity, market dominance, performance stability and more importantly, an assurance of a long-standing association which eventually benefits our clients.

Fail-safe design

Humans have brains and that makes them smarter than the entire living civilisation around. That also leads to vulnerability because if the brain stops functioning, entire body becomes stagnant and incapacitated to perform. We try to make sure such situation doesn’t arise with our systems and machines. A stable solution is one wherein there is little or no dependency on one single element or processing system. It has a shared intelligence and memory across the devices in the network so there is little bearing of one over the other. There definitely could be an aggregator but all the other sub-systems should still keep on performing in their standalone fashion in order to avoid a scenario of blackout or a crucial downtime.

We Care, We Educate

Our inclination to educate the society, fraternity and masses stems from that fact that our industry was heavily tarnished in the initial years of our establishment. We actively participated in meeting specifiers and consultants to spread awareness on KNX and its merits over proprietary systems. We are COI, CEDIA outreach Instructors, wherein we offer certified one-hour courses to architects, designers, specific courses on Automation, Cinema Design, etc, which can enable them to give a head start for initial discussions with their prospective clients. Idea being to uplift the entire fraternity to take better informed decisions.

Solution Driven Approach

When a client would choose us to assist them to automate their home or office, our prime responsibility is to fulfil their requirements in the most reliable, accountable, cost-effective and time-tested manner. We push ourselves to act like a Honda or Toyota of this industry wherein we aggregate tens or hundreds of products from varied manufacturers and put them on a unified platform and generate a seamless experience to derive a particular solution. Under the ambit of this approach, we always talk about solutions and never succumb to targets, turnover or brand loyalty. There is just one brand, Future Automation Solutions.

Backed by Industry Certification

Certification generates validation and confirmation of conformance to standards and provides assurance of matching performance and expectations every single time. We have never been box movers, but have always believed to invest into structured knowledge approach to anchor our team with solid fundamentals. We, as a team, have undergone several certifications like KNX, Control4, COI, HAA, etc and harnessed the potential to outperform with sound fundamental knowledge of these systems and technologies.

In-Depth Knowledge on KNX

We are undoubtedly amongst the early adopters of KNX and the technology is deeply rooted in our existence. Our firm belief in KNX as the future of home and building automation has taken us this far and helped us command a leading position in our respective markets and garnered acceptance over conventional proprietary technologies. We have actively invested in industry associations and contributed towards making KNX as a default choice for the entire industry. We are also the proud founding members of KNX India Association which has taken the final shape in 2023 and bound to lead the way towards greater adoption, acceptance and proliferation of this technology to deeper markets in India.